Navigating the Upwork job market with ease

Win more great jobs on your schedule. Spend less time on job searches and applications. Earn more. Build your portfolio and level up your houly rates 10x faster.

Win more great jobs

Never miss a perfect job. Every job published on Upwork goes to your Trello board almost instantly. Be the first to submit your proposal.

Save time on monitoring great jobs

How much time do you spend watching for new jobs and submitting applications?

Convert that time to effective work time. For example, if your rate is $35/hour, you can earn over $700 extra every month if you usually spend an hour a day in job searches and applications. If your rate is even higher, the earning potential is even bigger.
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What you will get

All Upwork jobs of your interest are put on your Trello board and sorted automatically.

Jobs by category

All job search terms put on their own Trello list


Jobs are placed in one category that is most interesting to you. You won't have to go through the same job if it fits multiple categories.

Leverage the power of Trello

Assign labels to applied jobs and move jobs around custom lists

Updated automatically

New jobs are streamlined to your Trello every 4 hours (can be customized). React to awesome jobs from anywhere

Only active jobs

All outdated jobs are archived automatically

Complete hand off

On upper plans, you can completely hand off all job searches and even cover letter writing for each application

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Pricing Plans

7 days free trial included on the Core Features plan. Reach out to request a custom trial for Power or Turbo plans.

Core features

7 days free trial included

USD $30/mo

New jobs fetched to Trello on your schedule

Up to 3 feeds (keywords)

Automatically filter out jobs that you're not interested in or don't match your skills even if a job was published in a category of your interest

Power plan

USD $60/mo

All Core features, plus:

Personal assistant that monitors your jobs and highlight them for your quick reaction

Personal assistants work 24/7 to cover every timezone worldwide

Unlimited feeds (keywords)

Turbo plan
Best price / value option

USD $90/mo

All Core & Power features, plus:

Personal copywriter that writes outstanding cover letters for all your featured jobs

Copywriters work 24/7 to cover every timezone worldwide